Nissit maintains a support of a number of medical establishments over the last 10 years. This has supported societies in running content managed systems and membership solutions tailored to the society. A number of internet based solutions have been delivered successfully.


In the manufacturing business there is a need to have systems that not only deliver relevant information but also talk to other systems seamlessly. Anything from stock control systems to MS Access reporting solutions, timesheet management, customer management have been delivered for the last 15 years.

Personal and Business Security

Nissit has been supporting a business in the need for mobile and static security. The solution allows the people on the ground run a paperless business and also link up to the back-end accounting software.

Mobile Development

Nissit w develops mobile applications that are running on Apple and Android phones. These solutions are running against internet servers to keep all data central and also allow administrative functions to be done on the website. IF you need mobile based solutions then these can be developed affordably and quickly.