Development What We Do

Nissit can provide your company with the right scale of software; meeting your network, security and personal needs.

It’s not simply about getting the right software for today making the solution scalable to the needs of tomorrow. Nissit gives your company a full product lifecycle with all the post-production support your company needs.

We can develop intranet / internet sites written in the latest MVC technologies. Silverlight is a great way to combine applications into your website. We can also deliver Microsoft Access applications. Whatever suites the needs of your company. The process we go through is to listen to what you need and then develop to your needs. You will not be restricted to a pre-designed system.

Nissit can make any size and complexity of system for any size of business.

Finally, there is no point making a site that no one can find on the search engines. We can develop a site for you that is search engine friendly. This is done by landing you on hard pages rather than using generic pages with query strings.